Money Buns is carb-themed card game for 3-7 players that takes under 10 minutes to learn and plays in about 30 to 45 rowdy minutes. 

It’s a gluten free-for-all!
I set out to create Money Buns because I wanted a satisfyingly strategic game that didn't look like a board game. I don't think it's a coincidence that every workplace game group I've joined is (nearly) all male. I love a good pirate theme or medieval adventure as much as the next girl, but those game genres will never make me go: "it me!" 

My dream for Money Buns is that it lures people in, especially women, who don't consider themselves gamers — to then addict them with deliciously deep strategy and lively interactions. I want to see a new generation of female tabletop gamers fall in love with games.
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